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Whether you're looking to enhance your communication, resolve conflicts, or reconnect with your partner, we're here to support and guide you on your journey to a healthier, more harmonious marriage.

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Having worked with Relationships Australia for five years, Ruane Lipke has developed specialist training and supervision in marriage and relationship enhancement. Our marriage counselling service aims to increase the quality of your relationship, reduce conflict and generate optimum resolutions. We offer support and understanding for couples dealing with conflict leading to a possible divorce. We work with couples to facilitate the negative experience of divorce procedures.

Marriage, like all good things, requires work and dedication. But certain factors, including individual differences, values and ideology, can lead to conflict and in extreme cases, abuse. You and your partner deserve the positive effect that a happy marriage has to offer. Unfortunately, through no fault of your own, your marriage can be a whirlwind of emotion and personal strain.

The emotional obstacles one can experience within a marriage can often lead to divorce. This is where guidance and counselling come into play. With a practice such as A Life Logic, you can expect the type of marriage counselling that can cater to any and all differences across all facets of life that you and your partner are hoping to overcome.

In particular, A Life Logic focuses on the following:   

  • Counselling for pre-marital preparation
  • Using the systemic model to help clients better relate to each other
  • Counselling for marital and divorce issues
  • Counselling for parent, child and sibling relationships
  • Counselling for family-of-origin issues

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