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A Life Logic

We are dedicated to providing affordable psychology and counselling services. A Life Logic is a registered provider with Medicare and private health rebates.

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Medicare rebates are offered to help you cover the cost of seeing a psychologist when you have a referral from your GP. Referrals are unnecessary to make a counselling appointment if you are paying for the session yourself or intend to claim through your private health fund.

The APS recommended fee is $300 per session (50-60 minutes). A Life Logic charges $180 per session. We are able to do this by minimising our overheads and through an attitude based upon helping people by providing an affordable service.

Our convenient EFTPOS system allows you to have private health or Medicare rebates returned to you on the spot.

You are also able to pay via direct debit. If you select this option, once payment has been received, you will receive an emailed receipt, which you can present to Medicare for a rebate.

A Life Logic is dedicated to ensuring that services remain affordable. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your personal situation and any further questions concerning fees or rebates.

Important information about claiming Psychology and counselling rebates

3-step process to receive rebates

  1. Attend appointment, pay and receive reciept
  2. Lodge receipt to Medicare/health insurance fund
  3. Receive your rebate

Medicare (10 Sessions Per Calendar Year)

Rebate $93.35

Maximum Out of Pocket $86.65

Private health fund

Rebate $40-$100

Out of Pocket $60 – 120 (Means-Tested)

* To be eligible for Medicare Rebate you must have a referral from your GP prior to making your appointment. All costs are based on a $180, 55 minute Standard Session

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