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Anger can lead to high amounts of stress and sometimes be a factor in broken relationships. We work with you to find solutions to your anger and arrive at practical ways to form positive, lasting improvements in your life.

A man and a woman in an anger management counselling session

Anger occurs more often than it needs to in society.  It is a harmful trait and does not bring about a positive resolution to any situation.  Indeed, it creates the opposite effect.  It can be a disruptive burden to your own life and the lives of those closest to you.

When emotions take over, logic gets forgotten.  The words and actions that follow are always regretted in the aftermath. Anger can alienate you from your loved ones, friends, and society.

Stress levels have increased significantly in this fast-paced world with high demands and expectations.  People feel overwhelmed and challenged.  Some people turn to anger in an attempt to cope.  Learning how to manage your emotions before they turn into anger is important.  Anger management counselling is a very useful tool to prevent an unwanted escalation.

Manage your anger in an experienced manner

A Life Logic offers an accomplished service with the guidance you need to deal with your anger. We implement various methods that are proven to help you manage your anger. We will listen to your issues. Our leading psychologist, Ruane J Lipke, has the experience and knowledge to understand your specific concerns in a calm and safe environment at our Brisbane location. All information you give us will be strictly confidential and is for assessment, diagnosis and treatment. That will then give us the best possible outcome for you and help you cope with your anger issues.

Anger management treatment with a proven counselling model

Ruane J Lipke is a registered Brisbane psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) and the Australian Associations of Psychologists Inc. (AAPi). She has a proven track record in successfully treating men, women, children and families who are grappling with anger issues. She will give you understanding and supportive face-to-face counselling that will positively impact your stress; in turn, you can become a more positive individual.

Our approach is a non-judgemental exploration to understand the cause of your anger. To help you identify the triggers that generate destabilising emotions and cause you to act aggressively. We can create a counselling relationship and form a specific psychology and counselling model. With that in your arsenal, you will start to regain your life free from the burdens of your anger.

Everyone has a temper occasionally, but your anger can positively affect your life if managed properly. A Life Logic can provide just that. With our professionals by your side, your anger will no longer be a significant aspect of your life.

Take the first step towards a calmer, more balanced life. Contact us today to begin your journey to better anger management. Your peace of mind is within reach.

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