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A Life Logic

Operating under best practice principles, A Life Logic offers understanding and supportive face-to-face counselling at our premises or professional counselling and motivation from the comfort of your home.

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A Life Logic, run by Ruane J Lipkie, has been operating as a reputable counselling service in Kenmore since 2006.

Ruane is a registered Brisbane psychologist and an Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi) member. She offers 28 years of experience and a Master’s in Psychology from Brisbane’s University of Queensland. She has helped people in both Australia and the UK.

For Ruane, psychology goes beyond being a job. Professional psychology is a vocation about which Ruane is passionate. She strongly believes in the overwhelmingly positive benefits of professional therapy. She has developed a proven track record using evidence-based therapy to treat women, men and children of all ages successfully, helping families stay together, transition through divorce, and maintain relationships

She also provides information and support for clients dealing with special needs children and family members. She prides herself on maintaining strong support options for those seeking constant therapy support. Her counselling and psychology sessions are one-on-one, and she is the sole practitioner, so you can rest assured it will be her service you receive at each therapy/counselling /psychology session.

A Life Logic offers psychology and counselling advice for a range of modern-day challenges, including clinical, developmental, emotional, educational and relationship concerns. Whatever your needs, A Life Logic will tailor an approach to suit you. In a confidential and relaxing environment situated in Kenmore, A Life Logic will help you find a solution to your individual experience.

To learn more about how A Life Logic can help you, look at our safe and effective counselling approach and psychology methodologies. Or contact us now for a consultation.

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