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Having worked with Relationships Australia for five years, Ruane Lipke has developed specialist training and supervision in marriage and relationship enhancement. Our marriage and relationship counselling service aims to increase the quality of your relationship, reduce conflict and generate optimum resolutions. We offer support and understanding for couples who are dealing with conflict leading to a possible divorce. We work with couples to facilitate the negative experience of divorce procedures.

Relationship Counselling

Marriage, like all good things, requires work and dedication. But certain factors, such as conflict and abuse, steer us into a marriage that becomes an arduous task. You and your partner deserve everything that a marriage has to offer but through no fault of your own, your marriage can be a whirlwind of emotion and personal strain.

The emotional obstacles one can get in a marriage can often lead to divorce. This is where guidance and counselling comes into play. And with a practise such as A Life Logic, you can expect the type of marriage counselling and couples counselling that can cater to any and all moral quandaries you and your partner are hoping to overcome.

In particular, A Life Logic focuses on the following:   

Enhance your relationship with couples counselling

A relationship does not have to be troubled in order to benefit from couples counselling. Every relationship has its challenges, and a third party perspective from a trained psychologist can give you and your partner a greater understanding of how to reduce conflict, generate optimum resolution and overall, increase the quality and strength of your bond.

A Life Logic approach to couples counselling

Ruane J. Lipkie, the founder of A Life Logic, has over 26 years of experience as a registered psychologist. Five of these years were spent working for Relationships Australia, and over this period, Ruane gained experience and developed specialised methods and strategies for improving relationships of all sorts. Above all else, Ruane’s approach to counselling focuses on understanding and compassion. Ruane will work with you and your partner to strengthen your relationship and devise strategies for conflict management, greater intimacy and clearer communication (using methods drawn from a range of proven psychology models).


The benefits of couples counselling

Whether you and your partner have been together for weeks, months, years or decades, couples counselling can benefit your relationship in a number of ways. These improvements include, but are not limited to:

The three C's of a solid relationship

Three of the most important aspects of a successful and solid relationship are:

Ruane’s supportive and tailored counselling approach, and her range of counselling methodologies, can help you and your partner to strengthen the three C’s and more. Her approach to counselling, which operates under the necessary principles of best practice, has helped hundreds of couples to overcome their grievances, increase their bond and, overall, to achieve the relationship that they deserve.

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