Anxiety is a common psychological effect which is still widely misunderstood.

Sometimes an anxious reaction is obvious as a response to a traumatic event or a stressful situation such as a job interview. Sometimes it is more subtle and develops slowly over time. It creeps up on us and we are unaware of the effects our anxious behaviour is having on our functioning or on those around us. This type of anxiety can be more persistent and negatively affects our daily life. It can also be governed by our personality – that is some people are naturally highly anxious while others react more calmly to stressful situations.

Common Symptoms for Individuals Suffering from Anxiety

Although each person has unique traits which causes them to respond differently in stressful situations, there are a few common principles which impact on feelings of anxiety.

1. Our Behaviour

We tend to avoid situations which make us feel anxious or uncomfortable. If we cannot avoid we sometimes get angry or withdraw.

2. Physical

We can feel tense, wound up  and edgy with a churning in our stomachs, tightness of chest, heart palpitations, quick breathing, and even panicky.

3. Psychological

Excessive fear and worry  often about something that may never happen. Negative or Obsessive thinking or catastrophising.

Anxiety can cause a great deal of distress which negatively affects our daily activities and behaviour. It can also affect our sleep patterns leading to disturbed sleep and excessive tiredness.

Each person is an individual and should consult a professional to help them discover what is causing their anxiety.

An experienced Psychologist will help them formulate a manageable plan to reduce their levels of anxiety and help them to function more positively in order to empower them to achieve a better life balance.

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