Psychology and Counselling Models

Selecting the right psychology and counselling model right for you is important to enhance one’s successful and personal recovery.

The field of psychology and counselling has many different models which can be implemented in many different ways. They can be used together or separately to enhance one’s successful and personal recovery.

A Life Logic has extensive counselling experience in these proven solution therapies and offers a large range of psychological methodologies to base your personalised counselling and therapy around.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave. It is most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for other psychological and physical health problems.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a similar talking therapy to CBT but is adapted to people who experience intense emotions. It is mainly used to treat borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

Interpersonal Psychotherapy is a time-limited treatment typically lasting between 12 to 16 weeks. It holds the central idea that psychological symptoms, such as a depressed mood, has a relationship with the way people communicate and interact. It has been proven to be effective in the treatment of eating disorders.

Cognitive Restructuring

Cognitive Restructuring is a psychotherapeutic process of learning to identify and dispute irrational or maladaptive thoughts known as cognitive distortions. These types of thoughts can include all-or-nothing thinking (splitting), magical thinking, filtering, over-generalisation, magnification and emotional reasoning, all of which are associated with many mental health disorders.

Person Centered Therapy (PCT)

Person Centered Therapy is a form of talk psychotherapy. The counselling goal is to provide an opportunity to develop a sense of self where they can realise how their attitudes, feelings and behaviour are being negatively affected.

Behaviour Therapy

Behaviour Therapy refers to psychotherapy and behaviour analysis. This method focuses on behaviours, thoughts and the feelings which may be causing them. It can include classical and operant conditioning.  

Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is a psychological therapy that uses narrative. It is a collaborative and non-pathologising approach to counselling and community work which centres people as the experts of their own lives.

Transactional Analysis (TA)

Transactional Analysis is a psychoanalytical therapy that focuses on social interactions to determine the ego state of the client. It revolves around increasing awareness of unconsciously held ideas and includes the famous ‘parent, adult, child’ theory founded by Eric Berne.

Solution Focused (Brief) Therapy (SFBT)

Solution Focused (Brief) Therapy is a collaborative method that uses direct observation of the clients’ responses to a series of precisely constructed questions.

Our Kenmore based psychologist will work collaboratively to ensure you receive the best possible counselling model. The psychologist will help you understand and choose the correct methodology to suit your individual journey.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options further and book a counselling session today.

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